Christmas Trees
Save Your Tree from the Landfill

We LOVE to save biodegradable items from the landfill!  Especially because most of them can be used to feed our animals or to feed the soil.  It's a win-win!

What will we do with your tree?

  • Feed it to our goats
  • Chop it up for use in hugelkultur garden beds
  • Use it for firewood
  • Chip it for garden use

How it works:

  • Drop off your tree at the farm anytime!
  • A quick text to 571-420-1298 is helpful, to alert us that a tree is on the way.

Other items we'll happily accept:

  • Pumpkins & gourds - our pigs LOVE to eat pumpkins and gourds!  More details here.
  • Kitchen scraps - can be fed to pigs or chickens and/or composted.  More details here.
  • Corn stalks - can be fed to pigs and/or composted.
  • Straw bales - can be used as livestock bedding, garden mulch, or composted.
  • Fall leaves - wonderful for the gardens and compost pile.
  • Grass clippings - wonderful for the gardens and compost pile.