About The Farm


At Roots & Boots Homestead, we are committed to regenerative agriculture.

We believe that God has entrusted us with this land and our job is to steward it well.  To us, that means raising animals in the way they were meant to live.

For example:

  • Cattle are herbivores. They should eat grass.
  • Chickens are omnivores. They eat grass, weeds, bugs, and the occasional rodent.
  • Pigs eat just about anything! They are nature’s garbage disposal.

What does this look like?

Our cattle are grass fed and our chickens free range behind the cattle to work with them to enrich the soil.  Our pigs are kept on deep bedding or moved about the fields.  Our chickens and pigs also receive a top quality feed containing only the most natural ingredients, with careful testing to ensure purity in regards to GMOs, Glyphosate, and other pesticide residues.

Our animals also help to build our garden soil, compost kitchen and garden waste, and manage the land. We employ permaculture practices as much as possible, which means we are constantly striving to build agricultural ecosystems that are sustainable and self-sufficient.

We are just getting started in bringing our 20-acre homestead back to life.  Our vision is to see this land transformed and restored, as we steward these resources to bring ethical and sustainable farm products to the community in northern Virginia.